About Us


EC LINGUISTIC SOLUTIONS is a New Jersey based translation company that ensures reliable and professional services while providing assistance with different languages in the written and spoken forms of communication.

Whether you need a paper translated into Albanian or into any other language, interpreting in person and/or over the phone, or a project management, ECLS will assist you and fulfill your needs.

The company was started by Elda Cenalia, who has been interpreting since 1999 when she started working as an Albanian Advocate for National Health Service. Since then, she established her Albanian Freelancing activity working in a range of services for a growing number of clients worldwide. She is a bilingual lawyer with a strong interest in Legal and Linguistic field with experience in legal and medical interpreting as well as in educational, social work and community services. For many years she has been mentoring and training a number of interpreters, who have all been cooperating and exchanging knowledge in different fields they were specialized.

Among these professionals we have our in-house team and freelance linguists which make our company a trusted communications partner.
Anisa Cenalia, Senior Project & Quality Assurance Manager
She has gained recognition for her excellent subtitling skills. All translation projects and around the clock answers are provided under her management.
Denis Voka, Founder & Albanian Interpreter
Denis is a professionally trained On-Site Interpreter.
He handles the interpreting, voice over, remotely provided services such as Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) & Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) related projects.
Our main goal is to serve our communities by following high standards of accuracy, dedication, quality and professionalism.

Recently located in USA we are very active and serving to a number of clients. With the increased demand the team has been growing ever since.

Notary approved.

Member of ATA, IMIA and NAJIT.